Deda arises from the passion of Francesca Buffa, genoese, for drawing and manual arts. Like many artists, since she was a child, 

Francesca  enjoyed drawing the fantasies of his imaginary world and realized her  ornamental inventions.


Art, in all its forms, gives her a joyfull life, and  art itself has never failed her, continuing to wonder her in discovery, whenever she reveals herself in small artifacts discovered by chance visiting antiquites shops; small objects or tissues capable of telling great stories  which carry the sign of an endlessly past.


Deda strongly believes in handmade, the wise choice of materials patiently worked by hand, to create works of unsurpassed creativity; the roots and the original value of a culture identify themselves in their art; for that reason italian artifacts  are known and admired worldwide.


Deda asembles a singular world where the symbolic figure plays an essential role, in which past and present merge with originality. 

Research and love for ornament do not mean a nostalgic yearning for a past time, but the strong point for the innovative originality of her creations.


The artistic creations of Deda  become a true value-added luxury, distinguished and emerging, in this historical period that tends to even  the sense of taste.


The one who chooses Deda requires above al a tangible quality in accessories and in fashion, able to touch the wearer.