My artistic creations are the result of an instinctive impulse, which was created by observation of all that I emotionally perceive,

through a range of sensations that either form, light or colour send to me.

I collect and accumulate what strikes and touch me, then I remember it in my artifacts, the heart of my collections and my universe.


Imagined by me, designed and made entirely by hand, my work employ traditional techniques of embroidery, which characterize their unique lightness and their wearability.


Each piece is patiently composed of fabrics, leathers, weaves and braids tapes, combined with a choice of materials ranging from crystal pearls and glass beads, from natural stone to metals, from wood to shells, to other components which come out  my research and in the inspiration of the moment.


Working hand embroidery and the choice of materials make each creation unique, and small imperfections or the slight differences are to be considered,  and valuable for this type of work; It isn't always possible to reproduce exactly the same objects and small  variations in the use of material, depending on the availability of components used.